Losing It


Stephen Tesher is a playwright whose work has been performed in Toronto and New York.  He earned an MFA in play writing from The New School and an MA in Education from City College of New York.  He teaches 7th grade English in Nyack, New York.

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Losing It

A dark tragic-comedy of floundering, reckless youth.

David Fisher, 17 is a typical child of privilege with the means to act out.  He and his buddies Lewis and Simon have access to fancy cars, big houses and palatial vacation properties. They also have too much testosterone, too much booze and too many drugs.

Perched on the dangerous knife-edge of maturity, with a deficit of self-control, they almost lose it.

David’s trajectory is altered when he loses his burdensome virginity to Kris a girl several years older who transfers to his high school. Bravely Kris attempts to rewrite her childhood script of abuse and depravation.  Too wise for her years, she is clear eyed about her relationship with David, who is in love with her.

On a winter weekend David takes her to the family cottage near Huntsville, a place of serene lakes and rough locals.  Unknown to him it is Kris’ hometown.  The romantic weekend turns ugly when David gets into a brawl with and intruder and Kris is raped.

With misplaced gallantry, David and his two friends head north to avenge Kris.  But her past is more freighted than David could guess.  The confrontation is savage and the conclusion is sobering.

Stephen has a talent for dialogue, a quick wit and the gift of insight.

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