Praise for: Dead Reckoning

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Ken McGoogan is possibly the only historian of the Arctic who has made more than nine trips to the region, including journeys through the fabled Northwest Passage. His dozen published books include four biographies of Arctic explorers. He has won such coveted prizes as: the Pierre Berton Award for History, the University of British Columbia Medal for Canadian Biography, the Canadian Authors’ Association History Award, the Writers’ Trust of Canada Drainie-Taylor Biography Prize, and an American Christopher Award. 

HarperCollins Canada 2017 

Praise for: Dead Reckoning

The Untold Story of the Northwest Passage

 “Finally! A page turning book about Arctic exploration that puts the heroism and leadership of indigenous people at the centre of the story.” 

Bob Rae 

“Ken McGoogan is not just a journalist writing about Canada’s north, he is the ultimate guide to our last frontier. This is his natural habitat – and it shows. A must-read.” 

Peter C. Newman 

“This book is a masterpiece, settling the standard for future works on Arctic explorataion.” 

Victoria Times Colonist 

“This is not the Canadian history that we learned in school. But it is a far more nuanced and objective view of Indigenous people in North America. For that reason alone, McGoogan’s book deserves wide readership in our country. But Dead Reckoning also deserves to be read because it is so entrhalling.” 

The Georgia Straight