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In 701 B.C. the Assyrian empire was in its ascendancy. It had already vanquished the kingdom of Israel to the north including the capital at Samaria. It then prepared an assault on Judah and its capital at Jerusalem.

But in one of those significant events that changes the course of world history, Assyria was repelled. Jerusalem was saved until 586 B.C. when the Babylonians sacked the city, forcing its leadership class into exile.

Henry Aubin, in a major feat of scholarship, determines that Jerusalem was aided by a Kushite army from Africa which had marched northeast from the Nile valley. While the Bible attributes the Assyrian retreat to an angel and secular commentators cite pestilence, Aubin, in a meticulously documented work, demonstrates that an alliance with the African nation of Kush bolstered Jerusalem’s defences.

Kush, also known as Nubia, was located in what is now southern Egypt and northern Sudan. A monarchy that existed for more than 1000 years, from 900 B.C. to A.D. 350, Kushites held sway over Egypt from 712 B.C. to about 660 B.C. Of Egypt’s 31 dynasties, this, the 25th Dynasty, is the only one that all scholars agree, was black.

The commander of the Kushite expeditionary force was Taharqa (or as the Bible calls him Tirhakah). This Kushite prince, who had his own interests in halting Assyrian expansion, likely caught the aggressors by surprise as they prepared their siege of Jerusalem.

Aubin offers a thrilling military history and a stirring political analysis of the ancient world. He also sees the event as influential over the centuries.

The Kushite rescue of the Hebrew kingdom of Judah enabled the fragile, war-ravaged state to endure, to nurse itself back to economic and demographic health, and allowed the Hebrew religion, Yahwism, to evolve within the next several centuries into Judaism. Thus emerged the monotheistic trunk supporting Christianity and Islam.

The Cooperman VariationsVanessa Moss, the sexy siren in the executive suite, hires Benny to protect her. He gets more trouble than he expected.
A victim must be foundBenny mixes with Grantham’s elite who buy, trade and steal paintings — and also murder.
Murder sees the light
Benny is awash in black-flies, cults, and murder in the Canadian wilderness, while tracking a celebrity evangelist.
The Ransom GameDid heiress Gloria Warren collude in her own kidnapping? Where is the money? Benny, the Mob, the cops and Gloria want to know.
Suicide MurdersDr. Zekerman, Grantham’s wealthy psychiatrist, loses a patient to suicide. Benny suspects homicide.CBC TV Film
Dead and burried
Benny’s environmental anxieties fester when a trucker with hazardous cargo is murdered.
A city called JulyThe rabbi and the president of Grantham’s synagogue hire Benny when a lawyer absconds with the life savings of the congregation.
There was an old woman
An old woman whose estate is plundered leads Benny to corrupt lawyers and intrigue at a TV news station.
Murder on LocationA Hollywood movie crew is shooting more than film at Niagara Falls.
Getting away with MurderThe local crime boss wants Benny to find out who is trying to kill him, and Benny can’t refuse.

“Engel keeps up the pace…lots of funny material.”
Washington Post

“Benny Cooperman is back and better than ever.”
Tony Hillerman

“His wittiest case ever!”

“Mr. Engel is a born writer, a natural stylist…This is a writer who can bring a character to life in a few lines.”
Ruth Rendell

“Engel can turn a phrase as neatly as Chandler.’’
Julian Symons

Howard Engel is Canada’s best loved, best known mystery writer. His novels have been published in more than 15 countries, have been the basis of films and have won literary prizes and fans alike.

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