Michael R. Marrus

Some Measure of Justice

“Michael Marrus of the University of Toronto sets forth a carefully argued account of those historic lawsuits in Some Measure of Justice. A distinguished scholar of the Holocaust, Marrus approaches the subject as a historian with a special interest in law.”
National Post

Michael Marrus is a distinguished scholar of the Holocaust and former Dean of Graduate Studies at the University of Toronto. He is Governor of the University of Toronto. Dr. Marrus has lectured widely in North America, Europe, Israel, and South Africa.

His recent completion of a Master of Law degree at the University of Toronto and a seminar he organized on apologies for historic wrongs helped shape some ideas in this book. He’s the author of, among other books: Vichy France and the Jews (co-authored with Robert Paxton), The Unwanted: European Refugees in the Twentieth Century, The Holocaust in History, Mr. Sam: A Biography of Samuel Bronfman and The Nuremberg War Crimes Trial, 1945-46: A Documentary History. His books have appeared in French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Hebrew, Polish, and Japanese editions.

Dr. Marrus is also a Member of the Order of Canada.

 University of Wisconsin Press 2009