Michael Decter and Francesca Grosso
Navigating Canada’s Health Care

Navigating Canada’s Health Care

Michael B. Decter is a Harvard trained economist with over two decades of experience as a senior manager. He is a leading Canadian expert on health systems, with a wealth of international experience. In 2004, Michael was awarded The Order of Canada.

Francesca Grosso is a principal at Grosso McCarthy Inc. where she provides counsel to public and private sector clients that specialize in health care. She has provided strategic advice on health care issues to both the federal and provincial governments.

Penguin 2006

Navigating Canada’s Health Care

Navigating Canada’s Health Care is an indispensable, practical guide to getting the best care within the existing health care system by two of the most respected and knowledge people in the field. Filled with concrete, up-to-date information and surprising facts, the book follows best-practice health care through the three stages of life: the early years (including pregnancy and early childhood), the middle years (staying healthy and understanding benefit plans), and the senior years (managing chronic disease, taking care of aging relatives, palliative care, and end-of-life supportive care). It offers the health care consumer much-needed information about what the system does and does not provide, it outlines strategies for you to become a better advocate for yourself and for your loved ones, and it educates you on how you can improve your chances for better health and better care.

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