“…a fascinating, funny and truly wild book… Down & Dirty Birding is…Dave Barry does birds.”
Mike Capuzzo, author of Wild Things

Key Porter Can/96
Simon and Schuster US/96


Birdwatching is not for the faint of spirit, writes Joey Slinger, an award-winning humorist and a serious birdwatcher.

This unique guide will beguile and lead the beginner, instruct and reaffirm the committed, and entertain the armchair birder. Presenting the drama of bird life (and its watchers) in all its gory treachery, Down & Dirty Birding is packed with useful information.

There are six sections:

– Birders (“Don’t call yourself an ornithologist unless you are one. Someone might ask you about the endocrine system. Then what do you say.”)
– Bird Behaviour: (Covers topics including bathing, cannibalism, homosexuality, sleep, etc.)
– Bird Parts (Feathers, wings, genitals, etc.)
– Inside Dope
– Down & Dirty’s Surefire Tricks For Figuring Out Which Damn Bird is Which
– Quickstart: How to Get At It
– Vacation Hotspots

Joey Slinger is the author of two previous books, No Axe Too Small to Grind which won the prestigious Leacock Medal for Humor, and If It’s A Jungle Out There, Why Do I Have to Mow the Lawn. His fans include American humorist Art Buchwald who wrote: “I started reading the inside cover and, much to my amazement, I laughed. Then I read one article after another and laughed some more.”