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Endorsements for Beyond Intelligence: Secrets of Raising Happily Productive Kids
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In 701 B.C. the Assyrian empire was in its ascendancy. It had already vanquished the kingdom of Israel to the north including the capital at Samaria. It then prepared an assault on Judah and its capital at Jerusalem.

But in one of those significant events that changes the course of world history, Assyria was repelled. Jerusalem was saved until 586 B.C. when the Babylonians sacked the city, forcing its leadership class into exile.

Henry Aubin, in a major feat of scholarship, determines that Jerusalem was aided by a Kushite army from Africa which had marched northeast from the Nile valley. While the Bible attributes the Assyrian retreat to an angel and secular commentators cite pestilence, Aubin, in a meticulously documented work, demonstrates that an alliance with the African nation of Kush bolstered Jerusalem’s defences.

Kush, also known as Nubia, was located in what is now southern Egypt and northern Sudan. A monarchy that existed for more than 1000 years, from 900 B.C. to A.D. 350, Kushites held sway over Egypt from 712 B.C. to about 660 B.C. Of Egypt’s 31 dynasties, this, the 25th Dynasty, is the only one that all scholars agree, was black.

The commander of the Kushite expeditionary force was Taharqa (or as the Bible calls him Tirhakah). This Kushite prince, who had his own interests in halting Assyrian expansion, likely caught the aggressors by surprise as they prepared their siege of Jerusalem.

Aubin offers a thrilling military history and a stirring political analysis of the ancient world. He also sees the event as influential over the centuries.

The Kushite rescue of the Hebrew kingdom of Judah enabled the fragile, war-ravaged state to endure, to nurse itself back to economic and demographic health, and allowed the Hebrew religion, Yahwism, to evolve within the next several centuries into Judaism. Thus emerged the monotheistic trunk supporting Christianity and Islam.

Endorsements for Beyond

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Endorsements for Beyond Intelligence: Secrets of Raising Happily Productive Kids

I think what I liked most about Beyond Intelligence was that it is not only about raising children, but how we, as parents and individuals look at the world and engage with it.  It made me reflect on who I am as a creative person and how I value different types of learning, and thus, how I can introduce this to my children as well.

Christie Nash, Community Worker

Beyond Intelligence is a must-read book for parents, educators and professionals. Matthews and Foster provide an erudite yet personal and compassionate perspective on how to promote children’s intelligence and help them overcome obstacles in order to be more resilient and successful in life. If you want to help children be smart AND happy, read this book!

Tracy Dennis, PhD, Developmental Psychologist, Hunter College,  City University of New York

Everything I could possibly wish to know from a book. Awesome examples. Purposeful, meaningful.

Sylvia Kwan, Parent and Teacher

Dona Matthews and Joanne Foster present parents with an evidence-based sweet spot between tiger mom and creative laissez-faire. Find advice on how to raise a child who is both disciplined and flexible, both wisely compliant and confident in one’s own path. 

Rena Subotnik, PhD, Director of the American Psychological Association Center for Gifted Education Policy

I love the theory: “Each child has his own profile of experiences and intelligences.” This allows me (an anxious mother) to reflect positively not only on my child, but also on myself as a child/teen. I will definitely remember this and include it as part of my own personal philosophy as my son continues to develop, learn, succeed (and fail!) in life.

Daphne Fenwick, Small Business Entrepreneur

Beyond Intelligence carries a beautiful message—our kids all have unique abilities and challenges. Take the essence of each individual child and run with it to achieve the best possible result. With the expertise of these highly qualified writers, each personality trait deserves enriching, and each perceived problem has a thoughtful, hands-on, and concrete solution.

Shelley Peterson, Best-selling Canadian Young Adult Novelist

Beyond Intelligence honors the complex ways in which children develop, giving practical recommendations for sensitive guidance at each stage of development. The book is a treasure trove for parents and teachers alike. Its down-to-earth, well-informed strategies give us insights into children’s worlds and those of the adults who care about them.

Marion Porath, PhD, Professor of Educational Psychology, University of British Columbia

Beyond Intelligence is laced with common-sense (and occasionally counter-intuitive) implications for parental practice, in which the need deeply to listen to and understand the child takes precedence over quick-fix commercial products or educational quackery.  This book offers a refreshing alternative, and I recommend it unreservedly.

Barry Hymer, PhD, Professor of Psychology, U of Cumbria, UK

Praise for Being Smart about Gifted Education

“Dona Matthews and Joanne Foster’s loving concern for children’s healthy development runs through each page as they discuss real-life concerns in a practical way that will reach readers… Importantly, the voices of both children and adults are evident…I recommend this humane and empowering text to all educators and parents.”

Belle Wallace
Gifted Education International

“This is the book to reach for if parents are asking about how a school’s program meets the needs of the gifted. It is a resource for thinking differently about giftedness and a welcome contribution to the literature on high achievement.”

Elizabeth Morley, Institute of Child Study, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education

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