Beyond Intelligence

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Dona J. Matthews, Ph.D was founding director of the Center for Gifted Studies and Education, Hunter College, City University of New York. In 2008, she received the Upton Sinclair award for her “outstanding contribution to the field of education in America.” 

Joanne F. Foster, Ed.D is a leading authority on gifted education. She teaches courses in educational psychology and high-level education at the University of Toronto, provides consultancy services to teachers, and serves on advisory committees. She writes a featured column in the journalParenting for High Potential.

A Beyond Intelligence book

Beyond Intelligence

Secrets for Raising Happily Productive Kids 

There are thousands of books about dealing with problem children, but few about nurturing children’s intelligence and raising smarter kids.

Intelligence is not fixed from an early age, and all children can be helped to develop their intelligence, regardless of their IQ or starting point.

Two internationally recognized experts in high-level development, use their extensive experience with children, families, and schools to give parents practical techniques to improve their children’s success in school and life.

What is intelligence? What can parents and teachers do to nurture it when it isn’t obvious, and support it when it is? Enrolled in advanced classes as children, and as parents of diverse learners, Dona and Joanne have long grappled with the challenges and opportunities of high-level ability.

In Beyond Intelligence, they reveal how parents can identify a child’s abilities, foster creativity, bolster effort and persistence, prevent or alleviate emotional and social problems, and provide a balance of support and challenge at home and at school. They show how to embrace failures as learning opportunities and to praise children not for their intelligence but for their efforts.

They draw on insights from current brain research to show that intelligence is not fixed, and can be increased. Through myriad anecdotes from their case files, and in a warm reassuring voice, they offer practical suggestions and strategies for raising smart, well-balanced, happily productive children.

Dona Matthews and Joanne Foster are the authors of the award-winning Being Smart about Gifted Education, a finalist in the National Best Books 2009 Awards sponsored by USA Book News.